ReImagine Washtenaw represents a new vision for Washtenaw Avenue. To achieve this vision, leaders from local government, business, public interest groups, community service associations and residents have created specific land use, design and transportation improvement goals. These goals include:

  • Improve the investment environment
  • Coordinate community plans and regulations
  • Promote mixed use, transit oriented, active urban setting
  • Coordinate public investment to improve alternative transportation
  • Improved access to transit
  • Increase pedestrian and bicycle amenities
  • Encourage infill and redevelopment at key locations
  • Revitalize adjacent existing neighborhoods
  • Grow new mixed use neighborhoods
  • Efficient and safe movement of vehicles
  • Enhance streetscape
  • Improve signage

For more information about these goals, view the ReImagine Washtenaw Corridor Improvement Study.

Why ReImagine Washtenaw?

Existing land use practices along Washtenaw Avenue have resulted in a sprawling and congested, auto-centric development pattern limiting the ability to provide the high quality of place residents’ and visitors’ expect. These photos help to illustrate some of these issues: